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  • SaaraLife is our own nutraceutical brand developed by our subsidiary company Saara Labs (Pvt) Ltd.
  • SaaraLife offers research based herbal supplements and strives to introduce a range of plant extracts, mix of herbs/plant extracts (formula/blends) and single herbs.
  • SaaraLife is helping people to get more out of life by providing effective, safe, easy to consume, natural dietary supplements by extracting and maximizing the key active ingredients.


  • Trim‘N’Fit® contains 100% Ceylon cinnamon extract
  • High in antioxidants,
  • Standardised to 30% polyphenols
  • Dept. of Ayurveda registered
  • Clinical studies have shown that cinnamon polyphenols can inhibit carbohydrate metabolizing enzymes, thereby slowing digestion, essentially helping your body process carbohydrates more healthily.
    • Preventing excess calories from being stored as fat
    • Encouraging the body to use existing fat stores
    • Control Appetite 
    • Blocks Carbohydrates

Dose: 1 capsule 15-30 minutes before a carb-heavy meal (upto 3 capsules/day).

8-12 weeks before full benefits expected.


  • OptiHeart is made with a patent pending Ceylon Cinnamon extract called CeyCinnX
  • Historically, Ceylon Cinnamon has been known for its heart health properties.
  • Each capsule has been standardized to 15% PAC A.
  • Dept. of Ayurveda registered
    • Maintain healthy Cholesterol 
    • Maintain healthy Blood Pressure Levels
    • Improve Lipid Metabolism
    • Overall support benefitting Blood Sugar Levels

Dose: 2 capsules/day (equals optimum benefits from 10-12g of Ceylon Cinnamon).

8-12 weeks before full benefits expected.

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