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Since remote antiquity and in our own present time exotic spices have continued to be a commodity of trade, mystic and suffused as they are with legend and yet a vital and important ingredient of the cuisine of the world.

We offer a wide variety of spices, seeds, and herbs, many of which are available in organic. The products given below are seasonal, and sourcing times may vary accordingly.

Whole spices

Nutmeg with Shell

Nutmeg without Shell

Lal Pari Cloves(Red)

Cloves FAQ Black

Cloves hand-picked

Black Pepper

White Pepper






Ginger Powder

Turmeric Powder

Moringa Powder (Roasted)

Lemon Grass Powder

Garcinia Powder

Black Pepper Powder

Nutmeg Powder

Clove Powder

Tea bag cut

Moringa TBC (Roasted)

Moringa TBC (Raw)

Clove TBC

Nutmeg TBC

Black Pepper TBC

Cinnamon TBC

Other products

Moringa Whole leaf (Roasted)


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